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My name is Miguel Manyari, and I am the founder of Msh Patina. Prior to delving into the world of footwear, I spent many years as a sales representative. My career encompassed the sales of various products, including home appliances, vehicles, furniture, and even door-to-door sales. As a highly dynamic individual, I frequently walked a lot on the showrooms and streets. However, a persistent issue bothered me - the rapid deterioration of my shoes. Every four to five months, I found myself compelled to purchase a new pair of shoes.

One evening in September 2019, while browsing YouTube on my laptop, I stumbled upon an unexpected suggestion - a video featuring the restoration of a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes in deplorable condition. Before hitting play, I thought to myself, "Let's see what this gentleman has in store." The restoration showcased in the video left a lasting impression on me, particularly the meticulous care and attention to detail.

My fascination extended beyond the restoration process; it triggered my curiosity regarding how men typically approach the purchase of dress shoes. Our routine often involves a visit to the local mall, where we identify a "decent" pair at the shoe store. We run our fingers over the leather, wear them briefly, and within 20 minutes, we willingly part with one or two pairs costing $150 to $200 per pair. We adopt this approach to avoid revisiting the store within a year, deeming it too "time-consuming" and impractical. Consequently, one or two years down the line, based on the shoes' appearance, we discard them, acquire one or two more pairs in the same fashion, and perpetuate this cycle indefinitely. In essence, we exhibit minimal understanding or concern for the quality of our purchases, dismissing these choices as trivial.

The Research

I resolved to delve deeper into the realm of dress shoes and educate myself. I took a moment to ponder, "Are there dress shoes that can endure longer than a year or two?" The answer lay in the shoe's construction. When I refer to "construction," I am alluding to the most prevalent method for crafting dress shoes, namely the "cemented" construction. In this method, a shoe manufacturer, typically in China, assembles the shoe's upper part before adhering the outsoles together using specialized glue and machinery. Regrettably, this construction precludes users from replacing the soles at a cobbler's shop, rendering them disposable once the soles wear out. Identifying this construction issue marked only the beginning of my journey.


The Color

I am a meticulous individual when it comes to my choice of attire and footwear. Instagram, a rich source of inspiration, introduced me to the world of high-end shoemakers and, in particular, their remarkable patina work. In its purest essence, a shoe patina encapsulates the natural aging process of leather shoes over time. However, the inconvenience here lies in the time it takes for this transformation to occur naturally, often spanning several years. Alternatively, a hand-painted patina offers a crafted version of the aging process, where a skilled and experienced patina artist brings forth the vision with leather dyes and brushes. This artist deftly manipulates contrast, shades, and colors based on the customer's preferences. The shoe serves as a pristine canvas, and the result is nothing short of a work of art. Residing in Quebec, Canada, I found limited color choices available in my city, primarily restricted to black and light brown.

The Solution

Driven by my passion for excellence, I embarked on a relentless quest for knowledge, immersing myself in the realms of patina artistry, shoe types, leather quality, shoe restoration, repair techniques, fitting, color theory, shoe styles, construction methods, and an array of related subjects. This fervor for knowledge culminated in the creation of my brand. I am proud to offer my customers Goodyear welted construction shoes, available in a diverse palette of nine colors, all at a price point that remains accessible.

I recognize that not all individuals share my enthusiasm for footwear, yet even those with the slightest interest in fashion are aware of the need for at least one pair of dress shoes in their wardrobe. Events such as weddings, proms, dinners with loved ones, funerals, job interviews, and other significant occasions necessitate footwear that reflects respect for the people we love and for ourselves. Dress shoes are not merely a luxury; they constitute a fundamental aspect of one's personal presentation.

Warm regards,

Miguel Manyari Founder, MSH PATINA

Miguel Alonso Manyari Martin
Msh patina founder
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