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Free advice & Suggestions

This questionnaire of 12 questions was created to help you find a pair of high quality shoes of your own taste. Once you're done click send and we'll give you a free shoe or boot suggestion and advice if needed! 

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Your Information

Fitting module

1) Please tell us your US shoe size for dress shoes 

2) Please tell us the width of your dress shoes when you buy a new pair 

3) Would you like to buy a pre-owned pair of shoes in excellent condition to save money (economical option) or you only want a brand new pair of shoes?

Shoe type module

4) What type of shoe are you looking for?

Choose only one option


K) What can you suggest me?

We suggest you either an Oxford or Derby because they are very versatile.

L) I'm looking for something specific:


Boot type module

5) What type of boot are you looking for? Choose only one option


I) What can you suggest me?

We suggest you a Classic laced up boot to wear with jeans or an Oxford boot  because they go well with a suit and they look awesome for everyday use.

J) I'm looking for something specific


Style and Material module

6) What materials are you looking for?

7) Some shoe models come with decorative punched holes called ''broguing'', would you like your shoes to have them? 


8) Please choose one of the following 3 designs (for shoes only) Choose only one option

meltons black.jpeg

American, more traditional, classic, round and reserved design.

($ economical choice)


Spanish, elongated toe box, sharp and very fashion forward.

($$ relatively expensive or very expensive depending on model) 


Italian, elongated captoe, high body definition and sophisticated.

($$$ expensive or super expensive depending on model)

Color and patina module

9) The most available shoes come in black or brown color. Light brown shoes can be changed to virtually any color, what color are you looking for? Choose only one option

10) Here are the colors available, please choose one option 


11) What type of patina would you like ? 

Choose only one option


Classic Patina

A patina with dark accents on the captoe, heel, lacing area and the side of the shoe

Museum Patina

European style patina with a marbled effect in all the shoe plus dark accents on the captoe, heels and side of the shoe  

Double Tone Patina

A patina with two different colors in the areas of your choice.

Papiro Patina

Spanish style patina with intersecting horizontal and vertical lines plus dark accents on the captoe, heels and side of the shoe  

12) If you have any other special request for the colors, patina style, shoe design or finishing the shoes without a mirror shine, please specify it right here

An error occurred or mandatory information is missing, please verify the form and submit again,

Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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