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100$ or more 

This service offers a complete restoration of your shoes that begins at 100$ or more depending on the condition of the footwear.


The price is for the uppers of the shoe only,

Please contact us , we need to receive pictures from your footwear to asses the work beforehand.


Service includes:

- Shoe brushing to clean dirt or dust

- Acetone use to take off waxes and old leather dye. 

- Retouching, sanding and scratch correction

- Leather crease complete restoration

- Leather dying 

- Heel and sole contour coloring

- Saphir rénovateur to condition the leather

- Crème surfine Saphir of the appropriate color

- Mirror shine of the toe area and heels

Time needed to do the work:  Will depend on the project.


*Please take into consideration the restoration will not be absolutely perfect, each pair of shoes is different and the restoration outcome too. We promise to try our absolute best to get your shoes or boots as impeccable as possible. Thank you for your comprehension. 

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