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     - Shoe size and fitting -

At MSH | PATINA, our shoe sizes adhere to the US sizing system. We would like to inform you that our footwear is crafted on a European last, featuring a narrower fit toe box and a higher instep compared to typical American brands.

Should you require additional width for a more comfortable fit, we offer a shoe stretching service for a nominal fee of $15.

To assist you in finding your ideal size, we have developed a comprehensive size chart for your reference. We encourage you to carefully review this chart to ensure an accurate fit. Please note that while this chart serves as a valuable guideline, it does not guarantee a perfect fit. If you have any doubts or questions about sizing, we encourage you to reach out to us.

To facilitate your understanding of our sizing, we rely on four key measurements, which are as follows

Outsole Length


The outsole length is the measurement from the heel to the toe, you can compare it to the size of your current dress shoes. 

Footprint Width

This is width of the area your foot uses when it is inside of your shoe. Visualize your footprint inside the shoe. 


Width Circumference


This is circumference of the largest part of you foot, please measure it like it is shown on the picture.

Instep Circumference

This is circumference of your foot instep, please measure it like it is shown on the picture.



If you have any questions please contact us

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