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A mirror shine not only gives you a beautiful and distinguished look but it also protects the toe box area and heel counters of your shoes against scratches, the elements and regular wear. In order to get a proper mirror shine the leather needs to be conditioned, creamed and wax  to get an impressive shine at the end. This process is very long and takes a lot patience. 

Service includes

- Horse hair shoe brushing to take off dirt or dust

- Saddle soap to clean & moisturize the leather (optional)

- Saphir Lotion to condition the leather

- 2 coats of Crème surfine Saphir of the appropriate color

- 2 coats of Saphir médaille d'or wax

- Meticulous hand polishing with flannel cloth to prepare the leather for the mirror shine

- Mirror shine on the toe area and heels



This service is for footwear that is in brand new condition, or good condition only.

If your shoes need retouch, fixing scratches, your leather is cracked, there's too much leather creases or your shoe color has faded away you need to buy the Restoration Service instead.


Please contact us if you have any doubts

Mirror Shine Leather Treatment: Services
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