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What is a mirror shine?

A mirror shine is a special technique used to give a very high shine on the hard parts of the shoe. It is always done on the toe box or captoe and also on the counters of the shoe. 

This technique is very time intensive, in order to create a mirror shine you need to apply several coats of High mirror gloss wax on the leather, one coat on top of the other.

What is it for?

A mirror shine will add more elegance to the finish and is also aesthetically beautiful, but it also protects the toe box and the heel counters from scratches or accidents.


A mirror shine needs maintenance, eventually 

you will scratch it while walking, driving, going up stairs or somebody might be too close to your shoes and hit them by mistake, etc.

And with time, the mirror shine will fade away, here are some exemples of regular use and a cracked mirror shine:


In order for you to maintain your mirror shine you need to buy Saphir wax and if you crack it by mistake it is possible to fix. If you buy the Calf leather Maintenance Kit the Wax is included. If you're a hands on type person you will not have any issues doing the work, but if you don't like high maintenance I would suggest you not to because it is time intensive.

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